- Dagab is currently on a path of rapid change and is no longer just a traditional logistics company, says Björn Blomqvist, head of Analytics at Dagab. We are an increasingly data-driven organization that relies on innovative digital development to remain competitive.

He spends his days leading a team of talented data scientists for the company as it creates innovative logistical solutions for the Axfood concern’s supply chain. Among other things, the team has used modern machine learning to increase productivity in the company’s e-commerce warehouses.

Knowledge is perishable

- In this industry, there is an unlimited amount of data available, and you can never really know enough. That’s why I wanted to do this program – to identify the best practices and be able to communicate effectively within the organization about the growth we’re undergoing.

Having studied industrial management and engineering physics and earned a PhD in mathematics, Björn has wide-ranging experience in the field, but he notes that knowledge is perishable and that he was feeling the need for a boost.

- When I studied at the university, he says, logistics was still an old school field and wasn’t, as it is today, about how to get the most out of your data. Apart from my regular education, I’ve never taken a management course that was as directly applicable as DBI. The fact that the program was based on the latest research especially resonated with me.

What did you think of the program curriculum?

- I was extremely surprised at how broad the course content was and at how well balanced the curriculum was between theory and reflection, says Björn. We had to establish a simple framework for what we need to do on the journey within our own organization, which made it more concrete. The lecturers were also extremely knowledgeable, well prepared, and inspiring.

- The interaction among the course participants was particularly inspiring, largely because it was a good mix of participants, some of whom were already well down the road with digital business, while others were just getting started.

- It was incredibly invigorating to hear how the other participants were tackling their problems. It seemed to me that the majority of them were struggling with the same challenges, though to different extents and in different stages. I also feel wiser now after being given ‘recipes’ for what has worked well and what has been less effective.

What have you taken away from the program?

- More than anything, I’ve had time to think and reflect on how we work today and how we want to work with digital innovation in the future, says Björn. I’ve also been given very concrete tools and have seen profound effects from what I’ve learned in the course. I’ve taken away something new I learned from each module of the program and have been bringing those to the weekly meetings I have with my coworkers. The program also gave me insight into how important it is to be a culture-bearing group and a model of effective digital working methods.

Björn says that his team’s self-image is undergoing a transformation and that a growing number of people in the organization are taking an interest in the digital projects that are being undertaken within the business.

- Our expertise is highly valued in the company, and we’ve been given a great deal of freedom to test out new innovations for providing even more customers with affordable, quality, sustainable food. It’s unbelievably fun to work on!



About the program


The From Data to Business Impact program takes you on a transformation journey during which you explore ways to accelerate your company's data-driven development. Program content ranges from basic understanding of different technologies and their potential impact on your strategy and business to ways to get company employees on the same page.



For more information about the program, please contact Daniel Engblom, tel: +46 707 54 21 65, daniel.engblom@exedsse.se