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Several stakeholders experience time as one of their most rare resources – too many things to do inside and outside work. How do they ever find time to develop themselves?

“Not everyone can afford to spend several consecutive days in professional development facilities,” says Carl Klingborg, Accelerating Digital Innovation program manager, “and that’s one of the reasons for investing in online education.”

Not just one way to knowledge acquisition
Klingborg doesn’t mean that online education should replace traditional education. Instead, he underscores their alignment, i.e., how well they work together and complement each other.

“There isn’t just one way to get educated. Education methodologies constantly evolve and positively affect learning. Clarity of purpose at the start of an educational endeavor is a critical success factor. Then time set aside for learning becomes a good investment.”

Online education is a great way to continuously complement and enrich existing knowledge and acquire new knowledge.

“I think that those who participate in online programs are curious, they have strong inner drive, and they want to continue learning throughout life.”

Stakeholders’ time constraints
The Accelerating Digital Innovation program (within the Executive Education department) is based on this premise: stakeholders have limited time and overcrowded calendars. So the programs is divided into smaller 20-30-minute blocks and delivered daily via a platform that can be used anywhere with an internet connection.

“Our films are like little knowledge bombs that grab users’ attention, generate involvement, and deliver knowledge. Overall, the program is built to create commitment and positive effects. How do we know it’s working? Through monitoring and follow-up.”

Program participants work through tutorials when it suits them. The tutorials are balanced with webinars that involve discussions and encourage interactions.

“The program is highly relevant because participants systematically link content to their roles, responsibilities, and context.”

Traditional massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) have a 5-10% completion rate (i.e., 5-10%, who start an MOOC, finish it). The completion rate within the Accelerating Digital Innovation program is more than 90%.

Why are participants so delighted with the Accelerating Digital Innovation program?
“It’s about joint commitment. And familiarity. Participant-recognized challenges drive content design – the most important factor. Participants are part of a weekly teaching-learning journey in which we add a new puzzle piece and thus go into depth in each subject. We also offer simpler forms of gamification that appeal to many.”

Here’s a little theory-to-practice example regarding disruption from the program:

“Everyone knows that disruption affects their everyday lives but few know how to do something about it. After the program, participants should be able to tackle the problem in practice via a roadmap or similar tool.”

Prioritizing is critical in a world in which time is becoming increasingly important (more valuable than money).

“Managers usually prioritize employees they lead over themselves. But it’s extremely crucial for managers to take the necessary time to develop themselves. Leadership expectations won’t decrease but will change. So it’s a good idea to be on that train before it starts rolling.”


About Accelerating Digital Innovation

Accelerating Digital Innovation is an online program for executives and business developers who want to gain a broader and deeper knowledge of business development, innovation and digital transformation.

The purpose is to provide participants with insights, tools, and ideas that they can use to take on digital challenges and create value for their organization, customers and other stakeholders. The program takes place entirely online and examples of content are short video lectures, articles, reflection assignments, case discussions and webinars.

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