Researchers report that data-driven companies perform better than competitors that don’t engage in data-driven development. So what are best practices when using data and artificial intelligence (AI) to create long-term competitiveness?

The From Data to Business Impact program takes you on a transformation journey during which you explore ways to accelerate your company's data-driven development. Program content ranges from basic understanding of different technologies and their potential impact on your strategy and business to ways to get company employees on the same page.

You start by doing a current situation analysis of your company and leave with a clear roadmap on how you can continue to develop in five key areas. You’ll also get new energy, more tools, and greater self-confidence to continuously drive development.


Is this program for you?

If you want to ensure that your company doesn’t lag behind, and instead creates new, long-term competitive advantages in data-driven development, then this program is for you. Why? Because you need frameworks, tools, languages, ​​and capabilities to drive this transformation. Program participants are:

  • Managers and leaders with profit and loss responsibility.
  • Unit or project leaders (e.g., marketing, sales, and operations).
  • Specialists with business development, digitalization, or innovation responsibilities.

Program participants, as a group, become reliable resources that encourage each other in their journeys and surprise each other in many unforeseen, yet beneficial ways – during and beyond the program.



Program Content

The program’s main objectives are to stimulate participants’ thinking to drive continuous digital innovation, and to provide participants with tools, research-based knowledge, and insights from real cases.

The program contains these modules:

  • Overview of supporting technologies

  • Strategic implications of becoming data-driven​

  • Data acquisition and governance​

  • Growing and sustaining an ecosystem of algorithms​

  • Leadership, culture and ethics


More information about the program


During the program, participants embark on a learning journey that aims to make participants successful in taking advantage of digitalization-driven opportunities.

Each program week consists of four parts that build on each other.

  1. Deals with the theory and core of the subject.
  2. Goes into detail; here, participants work with a practical case.
  3. Requires participants to apply concepts to the context of their organizations.
  4. Facilitates in-depth discussion, networking, and an opportunity to interact with the faculty – via a webinar

All parts are delivered and performed online; some activities are done with other participants and other activities are done individually when it suits the participants’ schedules.

Content is delivered via:

  • Video lectures and articles
  • Reflection and application
  • Case discussions and group assignments
  • Webinars



This program enables you to:

  • Develop an overview of available digital technologies and their use-cases.
  • Link data and technology to the company's strategy and value creation.
  • Design an infrastructure for managing and sharing data so that employees can focus more on value creation.
  • Nurture a long-term perspective on data to be able to develop from your core business.
  • Create curiosity and commitment among employees during transformations.
  • Generate new perspectives on your company and apply lessons learned directly into your business with a clear vision and business value.


Through your participation, your organization can:

  • Deliver higher employee value through new inspiration and an expanded toolbox for implementing future strategies.
  • Improve team performance by spreading lessons learned, best practices, etc.
  • Secure the future by contributing to a data- and insight-driven culture that facilitates long-term competitive advantages.



Next program start: dates to come

The program runs for five weeks. The estimated time needed per week is 4 hours.

Program fee: SEK 24 000 excluding VAT.

Location: The program is delivered online.

Language: The program is held in Swedish, but is also available in English upon request.

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