Carl Klingborg, Magnus Mähring, Frida Pemer and Anders Richtnér. Photo Karin Rudefelt

The need for renewal has reached new levels in business. We are in the midst of a transformation driven by digital technologies that create new needs, challenges and opportunities. There is a lot to gain for the executives who can properly navigate their businesses through the new business landscape.

Today, we have more data than ever – in many cases, more than we can handle. Focus has gone from finding the right information to instead using relevant data in a value-creating and developing way. It’s about learning to ask the right questions, engage in rapid learning and unlearning some previously held truths. To help organizations with this, SSE Executive Education together with the House of Innovation has created a new program; Accelerating Digital Innovation.

“Digitalization is changing the logic of how we think about competitiveness. Competitors show up in new constellations and with innovative new offerings. One concrete example is the appearance of digital platforms like Airbnb and Uber and the impact they have on traditional industries. The changes that are taking place in our surroundings mean that we must look at our business and competitors with ‘new eyes’ to stay relevant and sustainable in the long term. Leaders and executives need to learn new things, and sometimes also unlearn what they already know,” explains Magnus Mähring, Professor and Head of the House of Innovation.

In addition to program content that matches the changing conditions that digital technologies entail, an educational format is needed that is flexible enough to meet the demand of continuous learning.

“Businesses demand more flexible educational formats. So we’ve invested in developing a portfolio with various technologies that we can combine to provide training, both entirely online, and as complements to our open programs and customized solutions. We also find it to be extra well suited to the topic of innovation,” says Carl Klingborg, SSE Executive Education.

“Today, there’s an extensive need for both concrete methods to understand and be able to act in the digital transformation, but also to gain a deeper understanding and get perspective on its implications in order to drive and change organizations. Accelerating Digital Innovation is the first program in a series where we are creating Northern Europe’s foremost platform where leaders meet in a digital context to strengthen both their leadership and their organization’s capacity for innovation and change. This is done with support from an international network of lecturers tied to the Stockholm School of Economics,” says Anders Richtnér, Associate Professor and CEO of SSE Executive Education.


About Accelerating Digital Innovation

Accelerating Digital Innovation is a completely new program aimed at executives who need to understand how they can use digital technologies to develop their business. Focus in the program is on giving the participants insights, tools, perspectives and ideas that they can use to take on digital challenges and create value for their organization, customers and other stakeholders. The program consists of various kinds of content, such as short video lectures, articles, reflection assignments and Live Learning projects to create effective learning.

In addition to the House of Innovation, the newly established Center for Data Analytics at the Stockholm School of Economics is also involved and contributes to the program.

Would you like to know more?

For more information, please contact Carl Klingborg, +46 (0)70 368 66 22, or download information about the program.