As a way to help managers and leaders who are curious about individual growth, SSE Executive Education has developed a new program: Leadershift. The Program Director is Emma Stenström, an Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics.emma-stenstrom

“This program is for those who want to build their own potential and the potential of those around them. We’ll start by looking at what it means to have an approach centered on learning and why it’s important. After that, we’ll start practicing new ways of thinking, acting empathetically, being present and relating to others, all while focusing on specific challenges. The goal is for you to grow as an individual and to gain concrete tools to help others do the same.”

This is the fourth program to launch in a series of online training programs related to innovation, sustainability, and transformation.

Björn Lindwall, Business Area Director at SSE Executive Education, explains:Bjorn_Lindwall_sv

“Today, there is a huge need for leaders to gain concrete tools that enable them to understand and act in the present, as well as for leaders who have a deeper understanding and clearer perspective on the significance of leading and innovating business. Leadershift is the fourth program in a series that represents Northern Europe’s premier platform for leaders to meet in a digital setting, where they can strengthen both their own leadership skills and their company’s innovation and development potential. The program is made possible through the collaboration of an international network of lecturers connected to the Stockholm School of Economics.”




The program is aimed at leaders that have P&L responsibility or managers of a specific department, such as marketing, sales or business operations. You could also have a more specialized role, or you’re simply curious about leadership in general. You want to explore your own potential and how you can contribute to the growth and development of others. Now you need the frameworks, tools, language, and skills that both you and those you manage can utilize.

The program starts in May 2022.


For more information, please contact Carl Klingborg, +46 70 368 66 22,, or download the program brochure using the form.