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Sebastian Krakowski


Digital technologies, such as AI, change the playing field for organizations in numerous industries. Research has shown that data-driven companies perform better than competitors that do not actively work with data-driven development. However, many managers claim that their organizations are not sufficiently prepared for these drastic changes they are now facing.

Consequently, SSE Executive Education has developed the program From Data to Business Impact to help executives and leaders who want to (i) master the strategic aspects of digital technologies and (ii) successfully initiate and drive transformation. The program is facilitated by Sebastian Krakowski, Assistant Professor at SSE.

- The pandemic has accelerated the rate of digitalization, says Krakowski, and we have noticed an increased interest in the opportunities associatedSebastian_Krakowski with being data driven. We also see a range of expectations in terms of how data can and should be used. Building on research and case studies, we will therefore contribute knowledge of what can be achieved in practice. Program participants can look forward to actively taking part in a learning journey where they are exposed to different perspectives that stimulate their thinking to drive sustained digital innovation. After the program, they will be equipped with valuable knowledge as well as tools and frameworks that they can apply to consciously and methodically contribute to data-driven development in their organizations.

This is the third program to be launched in a series of online courses linked to innovation and transformation. Anders Richtnér, Associate Professor and CEO of SSE Executive Education, says:anders_richtner

- From Data to Business Impact is the third program in a series in which we create Northern Europe's leading platform for managers and leaders where they can (i) meet in a digital context and (ii) strengthen their leadership as well as their organization’s innovation and development capacity. This is achieved through the support of an international network of lecturers affiliated with the Stockholm School of Economics.


ABOUT The program

This program is designed for managers and leaders who want to master the strategic aspects of digital technologies to initiate and drive transformation. The program’s main objectives are: (i) to stimulate participants’ thinking to drive continuous digital innovation and (ii) to provide participants with tools, research-based knowledge, and insights from real cases. After the program, participants will be equipped with valuable knowledge, methods, and frameworks that they can readily apply in their organizations.

The program starts in November 2021.





For more information, please contact Carl Klingborg, +46 70 368 66 22, carl.klingborg@exedsse.se, or download the program brochure using the form.