As a manager, you must be able to quickly analyze and comprehend financial conditions and then act accordingly, for example:

• Understand external reporting to be able to (i) read and analyze your and others' financial reports and (ii) understand connections between various key concepts.
• Internally use financial tools to control and, if needed, act on what the figures indicate.
• Understand ways in which external and internal financial factors interact and ways in which these factors are used to achieve balance in your long-term business development.

Via this program, you’ll acquire knowledge to enable you to understand the connections between strategic decisions and their financial consequences. You’ll be able to support your decisions with financial rationale. This, in turn, facilitates the development of your operations.


The purpose is to develop your financial skills by increasing your knowledge and ability to apply insights and to use tools for external financial reporting, financial analysis, and management control.

The program contains these modules:

  • Financial statements: content and relationships
  • Financial analysis/key ratios
  • Investments/capital budgeting
  • Costing for goods and services

Each module ends with an assignment. You will receive personal feedback by faculty from the from the Department of Accounting at Stockholm School of Economics.


Are you in a managerial position? Or on a management career path? Do you want to further develop your financial knowledge and skills? If so, then this program is for you.


As you progress through the program, you learn how you can apply its content (theory, new ideas, lessons learned) to your organization's context. You work with your company's reports to understand the financial consequences of your strategic decisions.


The program is completely self-paced online which allows you to create the best possible conditions for yourself, your education, and, your development. It is possible to start the training on the 1st of each month. The advantage of an online education is that you can choose to start at a time when it fits well in your calendar or choose a period when conditions are good to be able to directly apply the knowledge in everyday life.

We recommend that you complete the training in eight weeks. Consequently, you must set aside about 2.5–3 hours per week. You have a maximum of three months to complete the program to be approved and obtain a digital certificate.

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SEK 12,000 excluding VAT

Program start: On the first day of every month, you select a preferred start month (earliest one week after your registration date). 

Location: Online

Languages: You choose if you want to attend the program in Swedish or English.


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