Many companies experience increased need to quickly act – to adapt to new technologies, customer behaviors, and seen and unseen changes. To succeed going forward, companies must become more transformative, i.e., they must deal with the paradox of being simultaneously stable and efficient while being flexible and creative.

Successful transformative organizations consistently work within five areas that they can leverage to develop their businesses. The LTO program covers these five areas. Its purpose? To support you with knowledge, tools, and insights.



During the LTO program, participants develop a road map that they can immediately use for leading and developing organizations toward becoming more customer-oriented, receptive to external change, and capable of managing simultaneously the stability-efficiency/flexibility-creativity paradox.

The LTO program has these modules: strategy, structure, process, culture, and leadership.

  • Strategy: why transformative organizations are necessary
  • Structure: what organizations need in terms of structure to be transformative
  • Process: ways of working within transformative organizations
  • Culture: how you can develop company/organization culture to become more transformative
  • Leadership: ways to develop your leadership style for leading continuous transformation


The LTO program is for managers and leaders who want to contribute to building or shaping successful organizations that can better manage continuous transformation.


As you progress through the LTO program, you (i) learn to link LTO content (new ideas, lessons learned) to your organization's current situation and (ii) reflect on what you must do to reach a desirable outcome. You leave the program with a road map that guides you through your specific situation.

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NEXT program start April 13 2021

The program runs for five weeks. The estimated time needed per week is 4 hours.

Webinars - date and time: April 13, April 27, May 4, May 11, May 18 and May 25, at 9.00 - 10.30

Price: SEK 24 000 VAT excluded

Location: online

Language: The program is delivered in Swedish, but is available in English if requested. 

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